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Argento How To: Make It Personal

Argento Personal Initial Jewellery

Featured Above: 

Dirty Ruby Letter Collection, available here


Personal & Sentimental 

We love the story of how you select jewellery pieces. 

Whether buying for yourself, a loved one or relative, the story of why you chose that specific piece is truly unique. 

Jewellery is always a personal present that's close to our heart. Recently the trend for unique, personalised or engraved jewellery has exploded. 

At Argento, we offer everything to help you select the perfect piece, from initials, to birthstones, to star signs, as well as a range of pieces that can be engraved. 

Shop our edit to discover how to make your jewellery purchase as unique as you are!



Engrave It 

Start with a clean slate and say what's in your heart. 

Depending on the item, our expert team of engravers can inscribe a sentimental date, or a longer message of love. 

See below for some of our favourite items suitable for engraving, plus some inspiration on what to say! 


Argento Heart Engraving NecklaceNomination Clover Engraving Charm Argento Bar Bracelet Engraving

Argento Crystal Border Heart Necklace £45     Nomination Double Clover Charm £36     Argento Two Tone Bar Bracelet £35 

Engraving charge: £5.95

Engrave sweet nothings on this sweet heart necklace, beautifully adorned in a crystal border. 

For anyone that needs a bit of luck, this double Nomination charm is a great gift idea, with lots of room for an encouraging message! 

Finally, this Argento bar bracelet is a chic and minimal way to bring jewellery into any look. Engrave a date with trendy looking Roman Numerals for an influencer inspired finish. 


Nomination Gold Bar Heart Bracelet    Thomas Sabo Spinning Engrave Necklace   Thomas Sabo Gold Heart Charm engrave

Nomination Gioie Gold Heart Bracelet £49     Thomas Sabo Silver Spinning Coin Necklace £139     Thomas Sabo Gold Token Of Love Pendant £59

Engraving charge: £5.95

Nomination's trend led bar bracelet comes with an extra sentimental touch - the sweet drop heart charm adorned with sparkling crystals! 

This sleek Thomas Sabo spinning coin necklace can be engraved on both sides, why not try a little heart symbol for a fun finish?!

Wear your heart on your sleeve, and your words on your heart! This romantic heart charm from Thomas Sabo can be engraved and added to a necklace to keep your sentimental words close to their heart. 


The Inspiration Station 

 Love the thought of getting an engraved piece of jewellery but not sure what it should say? 

Below we'll share with you some of our most popular requests to help you get inspired! 


Fairy Godmother Family Engraved Nomination Charm Nomination Charm Date Anniversary Engraved Charm Birthday Nomination Holiday Personal Story Engraved Charm

Charm Featured Above: Nomination Rose Gold Plate Engraving Charm £15      Engraving, £5.95

Family charms are understandably some of the most popular choices for engraving. Names of family members, special messages (With lots of kisses!) or fun quirks on traditional roles as shown above are all popular. 

Dates are great for adding a short personal touch to any piece of jewellery, try Roman Numerals for a sleeker finish. Birthdays, anniversaries or sentimental dates are all a lovely idea. 

We also love to have fun with jewellery, and so do our customers! Add hashtags, holiday memories or funny nicknames to jewellery for a light-hearted personal touch.  


Follow Your Dreams Nomination Engrave Charm Be Strong Quote Nomination Engraved Charm Believe In Miracles Quote Nomination Engraved Charm

 Charm Featured Above: Nomination Silver Engraving Plate Charm £18      Engraving, £5.95

Some of our most popular quotes are above and would make great gifts for best friends and family alike. 

Other popular quotes include: "Crazy Pug Lady"   "Dream"   "Faith"   "I Believe"   "Just Breathe"   "Live Laugh Love"   "Shine"   and "Thank You".


Always & Forever Charm Nomination EngraveI love You Charm Nomination Engrave You & Me Nomination Engrave Charm

Charm Featured Above: Nomination Rose Gold Plate Engraving Charm from £15      Engraving, £5.95

Time for some love! Roses are red, Violet's are blue, and Nomination's engraving charm is perfect for you! 

The above quotes are some of our most popular romantic sayings, but other ones include:

"Love You Forever"   "All My Love"   "Beautiful"   "Forever"   "I Love You"   "Just Married"   "Love You More"   "Mr & Mrs"   "My Person" 

 "One In A Million"   "P.S I Love You"   "Partners In Crime"


Our key message here is engrave whatever you want! (Within reason of course!)

Other popular messages for engraving include:  


Celebrating special birthday's

Mother's Day

Acknowledging a favourite band or football team

Pet names

Marriage proposals - which we love!

Retirement messages

Baby's First Christmas

Bridesmaid + Maid of Honour + Flower Girl

Hen Party tokens

Best Friend


Quotes from your favourite movie/book



Spell It Out

If you want to jump on the initial trend, we have lots to offer!

Currently trending are initial necklaces and pendants, but we have a vast selection including bracelets and charms!

Below are some of our favourites. 


Nomination SeiMia Letter Charm August Wood Letter BanglePANDORA Letter Charm

Nomination SeiMia Initial Letter Charm £15     August Woods Silver Crystal Initial Bangle £10     PANDORA Letter Charm £25

It's not as easy as ABC to choose between these three lovely pieces!

Nomination's SeiMia collection is a new charm concept, that can be worn on bracelets or necklaces. 

The August Woods bangle is great for layering, and the drop of sparkle brings a glamourous touch. 

Turn this PANDORA charm over and you'll find it's been adorned with adorable heart motifs!


Karma Letter Bracelet Rose GoldStorie Letter Charm Nomination Rose Gold Letter Charm

Karma Letter Bracelet £12     Storie Letter Charm £5     Nomination Rose Gold Letter Charm £27    

We love this stretchy Karma bracelet, which also comes in a silver tone! 

Storie's letter collection has lots of lovely charms to fit in your very own Storie locket. 

Nomination's glamourous rose gold charm will add an elegant twist to your Nomination collection.



Starry Eyed

Look to the stars for inspiration on your next jewellery purchase. 

Zodiac star signs are a great meaningful gift to give a loved one, better yet they're hot property this season! 

Check out some of our favourite styles below. 


Swarovski Starsign NecklaceNomination Rose Gold Starsign Charm Dirty Ruby Starsign Necklace

Swarovski Birthstone Pendant £69     Nomination Rose Gold Oval Zodiac Charm £54     Dirty Ruby Blue Crystal Necklace £15

How beautiful is Swarovski's birthstone range?! Featuring a trio of pendants in dazzling Swarovski crystals with a mixed metal spin, these gorgeous pendants will make a perfect gift for a fashionista! 

Nomination's rose gold charm will make a great statement on any composable bracelet. We love the braided border that makes your star sign the centre of attention! 

Our exclusive Dirty Ruby star sign range all feature a sweet blue crystal, which we hope will bring balance to your look and mood! 


Nomination Starsign Charm Dirty Ruby Rose Gold Starsign BraceletNomination Gold Starsign Charm

Nomination Zodiac Charm £18     Dirty Ruby Rose Gold Layer Bracelet £18     Nomination Gold Zodiac Charm £22

Silver, subtle and sparkling - Nomination's Silvershine zodiac charm is great for any minimalists! 

Dirty Ruby's layered bracelet is trendy and personal. A great way for them to incorporate something meaningful into their everyday style. 

Nomination's gold zodiac offering features the star sign as well as the name, just in case! Great for adding colour and personality to their composable collection. 



Colour Your Way

Everyone knows that birthstones are a great personalised way to inject colour into your look!

Always a strong seller for us, birthstones are available in a wide variety of products.

Below is a peek at our favourites.


Argento Birthstone Necklace Set Karma Birthstone Bracelet Karma Birthstone Necklace

Argento Birthstone Necklace £30     Karma Birthstone Beaded Bracelet £15     Karma Birtstone Necklace £15

Our exclusive birthstone collection from the Argento range features necklaces, bracelets and stud earrings. This dainty necklace pendant can also be removed to wear as a ring!

Karma's beaded birthstone bracelets are available in vivid colours and are perfect for summer.

This Karma necklace from the birthstone collection has been engraved with sweet attributes normally associated with people born in the chosen month.


Karma Birthstone Bangle Nomination Birthstone Charm Storie Birthstone Charm

Karma Birthstone Bangle £18.50     Nomination Rose Gold Emerald Charm £32     Storie Birthstone Charm £8

Best known for their classic bangle designs, 10% of all Karma sales go to charity. Make it a set with the necklace range featured above.

We love Nomination's rose gold collection, made personal with their gorgeous birthstone collection! We're sure you'll find every birthstone looks exquisite next to the rose gold.

Finally, complete your Storie locket with your birthstone, the ultimate way to tell your Storie.


Express Yourself!

We hope you enjoyed our post on how to make it personal and feel inspired to give a meaningful gift or treat yourself!

Whatever the occasion, make it more memorable with some lovely engraved or personal jewellery from Argento.

We'd love to see what personal meaning you get from your Argento jewellery!

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