Lab Created Diamonds by Argento

Lab Grown Diamonds at Argento
Lab Grown Diamonds at Argento

Introducing our timeless lab-created diamond collection.

Lab-created diamonds are pure carbon crystals that are man-made, and perfectly mirror the characteristics of natural diamonds.

Argento follows the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) standards to ensure that our lab-created diamonds exceed our customers expectations.

All stones are Colour E, Clarity VSI, Cut VG, and range from 0.15-0.25 Carat’s.

The simple yet stylish designs are perfect for adding to your everyday look & are also suitable for stacking.

How are lab-created diamonds made?

Our collection has been created using the HPHT method, the same method used when diamonds are formed naturally, this includes using extreme heat and pressure.

As they are formed from the same material and exposed to the same conditions, lab-created diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties to naturally mined diamonds.

Each diamond is selected carefully to the highest of standards.

The diamonds are then cut and polished in the same way that natural diamonds are.