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Introducing La Roche Petite from CLUSE

CLUSE La Roche petite our pleased to announce the arrival of CLUSE'S latest collection - La Roche Petite. Designed as a tribute to ones uniqueness, the watches feature a genuine marble dial, produced from a raw stone. Every piece of marble has a natural, one-of-a-kind, veining pattern, which makes each La Roche Petite timepiece entirely unique.

CLUSE La Roche Petite Grey Watch                       cluse pink watch                      CLUSE Black Watch                    

Choose from pastel grey, blush pink or statement black for a unique style you can wear day or night. Slightly smaller than the original La Roche collection, the La Roche Petite combines the exclusive feel of real marble, with an even more elegant design that makes a delicate statement.

La Roche Petite Pink watch


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