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Life is made up of unforgettable moments; capture & keep them close with Pandora.

One of the world’s leading jewellery brands, Pandora’s Moments collection allows you to cherish special memories with the help of hand finished charms. Also discover the brand’s bestselling rings, earrings & necklaces. Each item arrives in Pandora packaging, making it the perfect gift.

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Complete your Pandora collection in style with a clip or two. Discover the selection of clips available at Argento – the accessory your Pandora bracelet needs. Sold individually, Pandora clips are all designed in Denmark and crafted in sterling silver. Innovative in design, Pandora’s clips are decorative as well as functional.

The selection we offer includes designs plated with 14k rose gold and 14k gold, most clips are also adorned in stunning crystal detailing. Slim and typically rounded in design, Pandora’s clips all feature a hinged opening – the same as the iconic Moments bracelet.

Once opened, you can add your Pandora clip to your Moments bracelet or necklace. If your Pandora Moments bracelet features two grooves towards the centre – you can add your clip to the top of this and clip it shut.

If you look carefully inside, you’ll discover a lot of clips from Pandora contain a hidden silicone grip, that stops your clip moving around your Pandora bracelet or necklace. Clips are a great way to separate and celebrate your favourite Pandora charms. Wear it your way, by choosing two matching or contrasting Pandora clips.

Please be aware that our current selection of Pandora clips are only suitable for the Pandora Moments collection, and not Pandora Me or Reflexion collections.